Friday, April 16, 2010

Skin Free Skincare Recommendation from one of our favorite vendors.

I'm the manager of a local, independent pharmacy, and I have an autoimmune disease that affects my skin and muscles. I stumbled across SkinFree almost by accident. In Feb., 2008, I had a medical emergency that necessitated a visit to the hospital ER. I was sent home with an RX that needed to be filled . The pharmacy where I work was closed, so, I had no choice but to visit the closest CVS. While waiting, I noticed a jumble of skin products on the counter along with brochures. I read a brochure while waiting, and my initial thought was that the products seemed perfect for me AND for many of my customers who suffer from skin problems. It's not easy to find a line of 100% organic products. I e-mailed Julie the next day and asked if she would consider having her product line in a small pharmacy. My thinking was that the employees in small, independent pharmacies are the ones who know their customers and their needs. Julie was agreeable, and we went from there. Julie and her assistant, Tammy, are easy to work with. I request soap samples or more brochures, and they send them to me. I e-mail with a customer problem or question, and I receive an e-mail or phone call in response. I ask for special packaging for a customer's need, and they design it for me. SkinFree practically sells itself it is so wonderful. Our first-time buyers become repeat customers. What's really funny is that I've never met Julie or Tammy, but I feel like they are friends. I wish all businesses were as easy to work with.
By the way, even though the skin component of my disease is not cured, (there is no cure) my skin is in much better shape than prior to Feb., 2008, when I changed my life by e-mailing Julie.

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