Friday, April 16, 2010

Gentleman, Skin Free offers you GREAT Skincare

"I wanted to tell you that your super moisture body balm oil is the best massage oil I've ever used as well as the best aftershave. Are you tapping the aftershave market, because you should be! Your oil would be the least expensive and best quality aftershave on the market, in my humble opinion. I push your products where ever possible. Your products fill a much needed niche. Keep up the exceptional work."

I knew that our unscented products would be great for men, but I never in a million years thought of Skin Free Super Moisture Body Balm as an after shave therapy. Why not? It soothes, heals, and makes your skin feel great.

I'm always amazed when clients tell me all the wonderful things they they like about Skin Free Skincare.

Please comment! We could have a great contest going here. Thx, Jules

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