Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Skin Free Skincare Money Back Guarantee Started 4/1/10 (and that's no joke!)

After having our products on the market for 4 years and getting amazing feedback from all of our wonderful clients, we have decided to offer a Money Back Guarantee across the board on all of our products if they do not perform the way we say they will. For instance, if you try the Corrective Face Nectar to lighten dark spots on your face or hands and this doesn't happen, we will refund your money after you have used it for 6 weeks.

Before you try our products, we always suggest that you read the ingredients listed on the website and watch fo your personal allergies or issues. If you have questions about which product is for you, you can call and request a free consult.

If you select a product and for whatever reason, you just don't like the smell or consistency, we will give you a credit to exchange that product for something of equal value.

We stand by our formulas and have been convinced by our clients that they are truly good, quality products at reasonable prices. But who can afford to throw away money these days?

Starting April 1st, there will be new products and new opportunites on our Facebook page and in our newsletters, so become a Fan and sign up for the news!

Happy Spring everyone! Julie

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