Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Greenwala & Skin Free Team Up to offer Eco Chic Prizes

Greenwala the new green community on the web invited Skin Free Skincare to sponsor an eco-chic contest. Entrants were asked to submit a photo and essay explaining how they were being eco-chic with their fashion, make-up, skincare, and lifestyle.

After reviewing the entrants, we selected three winners and here they are:

FIRST PLACE: Erin Murphy - "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder"

"This picture is of my two sister in-laws, if you look really close, you will see that I blended two pictures together.The one picture is of their grandfathers backyard with a beautiful over view of his up-to-date pond that he takes care of all summer and fall. I just love going up there all year around because no matter what its always a breath taker, I love to just sit and relax outside and take walks through his back forest. I find this place very eco friendly, with the ducks eating away at the mosquitoes in the summer, requiring no pesticides to be sprayed on his property. I find that this is a good way to reduce toxic fumes in the air..polluting the beautiful trees and plant life he has there. I myself always find a new way to be more eco friendly every time I go up there."

Erin will receive a year's supply of Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Soap, Skin Free Super Moisture Butter Creme, Skin Free Lite Moisture Face Creme for Daily Use, and Skin Free Sweet & Smooth Sugar Scrub. ($685 approx. value)

SECOND PLACE: Rachel Fray "Living Loving Green"

"I have been an eco-chic since I was a young teen. Now that I am in my young twenties, I have discovered so many new ways of being green in almost every aspect of my life. Fashion & skin care being my latest eco-friendly projects. I never think about throwing out a piece of clothing but re-invent it instead. Many items in my closet have been bought from a second hand store and altered to make something new. I have also started to make my own home-made skin care concoctions using fruits and vegetables. I have even tried making my own hair mask which to say was delicious! :) And yes. When I buy my fruits and veggies, I buy locally. This reduces transmissions produced through travel."

Rachel will receive a year's supply of Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Soap, Skin Free Lite Moisture Face Creme for Daily Use, Skin Free After Shower Moisture Spritz, and Skin Free Niaouli Butter Stick. ($590 approx. value)

THIRD PLACE: Heidi Wickersham "Couch Scarf and Flapper Hat"

"This cushioned couch scarf and flapper hat are made out of an old oversized men's shirt I had laying around. Not only are they made from re-purposed fabric, but I made them with a vintage sewing machine that is fully manually operated. It uses no electricity, only foot-pumping action! On top of that, I saved this sewing machine from the the streetside where it was getting sold off as scrap metal!"

Heidi will receive 12 Skin Free Skin Care Gift Certificates worth $30 each.

In addition, Skin Free Skincare will donate $500 to Heifer International. Helping Hungry Families Feed Themselves Heifer International does so much more than put food in the mouths of hungry people. Heifer helps people feed themselves. The goal of every Heifer project is sustainability - project partners achieving self-reliance. And year after year, as partner families "pass on the gift" of knowledge and one or more of their animals' offspring to others in need, they become links in a network of hope, dignity and self-reliance that helps hundreds of others care for themselves.

Please visit all of the entrants at Greenwala's Eco Chic Contest and see how your friends are being creatively green.

There are new contests coming up, so join the Greenwala Community for green ideas, conversation, and fun.

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