Monday, October 5, 2009

Skin Free Skincare Makes a Difference Every Day!

Dear Readers,

I began formulating Skin Free Skincare several years ago basing my formulations on the known active moeities in each natural oil included. Since most of these oils have been used for centuries, their special properties have often been taken for granted and there is not a great deal of current scientific data to back up claims of treatment for specific ailments.

I love to get emails like the following one because it gives me affirmation that I am not only offering a solidly effective product line, but it's a product line that benefits people in ways that no other line does.

Thank you all for your input to me and thank you, Bri, for allowing me to share your email.

This email was received today from BS who writes Silver Savings Blog:

"Good morning Julie!

I received three of the Skin Free products a few days ago - the Extra
Moisturizing Soap, Niaouli Scrub for blemish-prone skin, and the Whipped
Tamanu Butter.

I was both excited and nervous by the opportunity to try these - my daughter
and I both have hyper-sensitive skin. I can't count the number of times I
try an "all natural" or "dermatologist approved" product and wind up itchy
with hives the size of nickles. My daughter gets itchy and a pin prick rash
wherever the product would touch. I stick with the few products I know
won't cause a reaction, but I even have to be careful with those - just
because they work now, doesn't mean a "new and improved" formula will.

I am absolutely amazed by Skin Free products! I've been using all of them
for a few days now, and I don't itch! No breakout, no tingling. My skin is
clean and moisturized. I was so impressed by how good they felt, I ran a
small jar of the Whipped Tamanu Butter over to my mom - she has Dyshidrotic
eczema on her hands. She's been using this for two days now, and called
this morning to thank me - the butter is making her hands soft, and no flare

A few years ago, I had to have a mole removed on my face due to infection.
This left a 1" x 1/2" scar on the right side of my face. While I can't say
it's any less noticeable, thanks to the scrub it is smooth - the horrible
raised bumpy feel is gone! I am hoping with continued use, it will be less

Thank you for creating such wonderful products! I would love to share these
with readers of Silver Savings, Freebies and
and would like to request the "special giveaway bonus" for my readers.


Word of mouth recommendation being the very best advertising there is, I have nothing to ad.

Remember to visit your local Walgreens stores and take advantage of their 20% discount on all Skin Free products carried there. For a list of participating stores click here.

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