Monday, September 28, 2009

Skin Free Skincare Reviews from our Blogging Friends

Miss Natalie the Red Sox Mommie talked about Tamanua Butter And who could blame her?

Miss Eloise loved, loved, loved the Skin Free Acai Scrub she received. Read all about it hereIn Mommy to 2 Girls.

Miss Valerie offers her reviews at Vals' Views

Mis Beeb is posting in installments. The first is for Skin Free Sweet & Smooth Suger Scrub over at Contest Corner. Because of Beb's input we are now adding our Liquid Soap to the Sugar Scrub to reduce those "slip & fall" Incidents in the tub!

Miss Susan over at Thindependence wrote us this review.

Miss Brittany representing the Texas Greer 5 posted this for Skinfree

Miss Laura included Skin Free among her Household Treasures

Miss Ashley from Black Roses gave us this report

I want to let every one know that Walgreen's will have a major 20% off sale of Skin Free Products at their stores. Please go and buy some stuff!

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Kris said...

For anyone doubting that this stuff works as well as the claims that are being made--DON'T!! I've posted twice about it and my dad liked it so much he bought a 5 lb. Tub!!! Y'all will be amazed at how well the Skin Free products really do work!!