Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reviews and Giveaways for Skin Free Skincare

I really don't know why I get lazy about blogging. But I do!!! Almost as bad as getting lazy about exercising and they seem to happen at the same time. Maybe, I'm just get lazy!!! BAH!

Natalie at Nani's Nails taught me the Skin Free Products look great on zebra print.

Michelle is a Happy, Hippy Mom. Check out her take on Skin Free! She's into Happy Eco-friendly products.

Joie from NetworkingWitches had all this to say

Ms. Latina is a Latina on a Mission and she loves Skin Free.

Katie The Plumber's Wife tried her products for a month before giving us the thumbs up.

Simply Cathi says she and her family are 100% sold on Skin Free Skincare.

Lynn from Mid-Day Escapades has used the Sugar Scrub for a mini-facial, manicure, pedicure, and on dry patches of skin with great success.

Emily sends warms regards from Her Island Getaway Blog where she's luxuriating in Skin Free spa time.

Jacqui from A Single Mom's blog has always used Avon and Bath & Body Works products. Skin Free may have shown her the light!

We love our friends who review products for us. If anyone out there is interested in reviewing our original Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio line, please email me! These products are the same formulations as Skin Free, but they have added organic essential oils to make them a bit more girly! We would like to get some exposure for these products.

All the very best, Julie

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Emily B said...

I definitely am still loving my Skin Free products!

And congrats to the winner of the giveaway I hosted - "Evil Angel" was lucky enough to win a $30 credit at Skin Free!