Thursday, October 29, 2009


We know that everyone is getting a little spooked about spending money and we wanted to offer you a few TREATS and just one little TRICK that we can all live with (hmmm....?)

Our first TREAT is a really nice one. We are offering a 30% discount on every item we sell on and There are no quantity limitations, but we will tell you that this is a very brief sale that starts at Midnight on Friday, October 30th and ends at Midnight on Sunday, November 1st.

Remember that Daylight Savings Time ends on Saturday at Midnight and you gain an hour of time, so you actually have an extra hour to shop!

We have just remodeled both of our websites, so it should be easy for you to get around. Don't forget that you can use the same shopping cart for BOTH websites. That way you only have to checkout ONE TIME.

For those of you concerned about chemical sensitivities, you should know that Blue Ridge Gypsy offers the same wonderful formulations as Skin Free with the addition of Organic Essential Oils. This site is for those who love to smell delicious.

Our second TREAT is really just a bit of bookkeeping. We are closing down our ancient dial-up account with CEVA, so my email address will become inactive.

All emails should be forwarded to

Okay, now for the TRICK. We really hate to do this, but we can no longer offer free shipping. We are paying UPS and the USPS a fortune and it's really hurting our budget.

Instead, we will offer FLAT RATE SHIPPING. Each package shipped will be charged $4.95 for shipping in the US and $6.95 for shipping to CANADA.

The Flat Rate Shipping will begin on November 1st.

Again, we are very sorry that we have to make this change, but watching our cash flow is a reality we all to face in this economy.

So speaking of SAVING MONEY, I hope everyone takes advantage of this great Hallowwen SALE to get started on your Christmas shopping.

We have a lot of wonderful Skin Care products on both websites that we know you will enjoy.

All the Very Best, Julie

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