Friday, July 10, 2009

New Skin Free Review at Here and There Blog

Pat over at the Here and There blog bills herself as a "bargain hunting traveler". She and her husband spend a lot of time traveling in their RV and visiting their time share. They've been everywhere in the US except Alaska, so she's a pretty good source of travel and bargain information.

Pat was the typical "skeptical and reluctant" reviewer who didn't believe in the Skin Free magic. Now that I know she goes to Disney World at least twice a year, I know that she must clap for Tinkerbell! Why not for Skin Free?

Having had miserable experiences with her skin forever and gone through the usual expensive doctor visit ritual, she wasn't sure Skin Free could do anything for her.

AH HA!! Fooled another one!!! Pat now loves the Extra Moisturizing Soap with it's rich lather.

The Super Moisture Body Balm lived up to it's claim. Pat says, "I am proof of what the label claims: for delicate, sensitive or very dry skin; helpful for allergies, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis."

The Whipped Tamanu Body Butter was the icing on the cake. Now Pat says, "Finally I have a skin that looks great and feels great too. It is soft, supple, not oily."

Would you like to join Pat in the pleasures of Skin Free Skincare? She's got a giveaway going for a $30 Gift Certificate for our products.

For those of you who want to shop locally, don't forget Walgreens is now carrying our Soap, Balm, and After Shower Moisture Spritz. Check this link for store locations and more information.

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