Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Skin Free Reviews and Giveaways Just Keep on Comin!!!

I have been a bad girl! I admit it. I fell down on the job of blogging about all the wonderful opportunities out there for you to read Skin Free Skincare Reviews and possibly win some giveaways!

I am officially blaming it on the Holiday. I spent Fourth of July working as a pharmacist and I think I've been catching up ever since. I've missed workouts at the gym, keep finding tons of laundry to wash and it just never stops.

Well, to try and make it up to you all, I'm going to list all the blogs and all the giveaways and all the links in one post. Then I will go thru in the next few days and highlight the really cool reviews that I think that you just wouldn't want to miss.

Here's the list in chronological order of how they were sent to me:

Freebies for Me & U

Giddy Tiger Part I

The Unorganized Mom

One Mom of Five

The Giveaway Diva

Jeanne's Gifts

Palmers SF

Proud to be Cheap

Mom Giveaways

Sample Mama

Fibro Foggy

Gobs of Giveaways


Mamas Money Savers

Jenn and John's Review

B is for Brown

Mama Young

Mama in Flipflops

Mom Files


Proud to Be Cheap

There ya go! 21 chances to see what real moms think about our products. Most of these posts have opportunities for you to win a $30 Gift Certificate. All of them review our products in an honest, straight forward manner, and some of them are pretty funny. Please visit these links and win some stuff!

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