Monday, May 4, 2009

Some People are REALLY Happy That Skin Free is at Walgreens

"My name is Donna And I'm from Chicago IL.

I would like to submit a testimonial for your wonderful products! They are the only products which have fixed my face. For years I've been combatting dry, sensitive, reactive skin. There were times my skin hurt so much Iwould break down in tears. My dermatologists were at a loss. They kept recommending products, both over the counter and prescription, and all of them didn't help, sometimes they made it worse. I stumbled upon your soap in Walgreens and within 2 days, my skin began to heal. No more burning, flaking or redness. Just smooth, healthy skin. I've just placed an order for more of your products. Please don't ever discontinue your bar soap!

Thank you so much for creating a product that does what it says!

We've been to three area walgreens and bought all the bar soap up! Thank you again!"

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Kristin said...

I am the Head Beauty Advisor for a Walgreens in SC. We began carrying SkinFree about a month ago. After trying it myself, I really hope that it takes off in my area. It is a great product!!