Monday, May 4, 2009

3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires Awarded to the Skin Free SkinCare Products

Karen C has very graciously reviewed our Skin Free Eczema Relief Kit, our Skin Free Spa Scrub Kit, and our glorious Skin Free Whipped Tamanu Body Butter over at her blog. As a life long sufferer from eczema, Karen is the perfect person to assess the effectiveness of these products. SHE LIKEY! She likey so much, she's got a forever contest (well, 2 weeks ;) for you to win a luxurious jar of Skin Free Whipped Tamanu Body Butter all your very own!!!

This product is very versatile. I use it on my face. I use it on sunburn after I take my tea bath. I use it on my ancient alligator legs. I use it on my overwashed hands. My husband uses it to massage my aching back (hmmm, me likey:)

Speaking of tea baths for sunburn! Lukewarm water, lots of tea bags, soak! The tannic acid in the tea takes the pain away immediately and helps you turn a nice golden brown. If you use the big family size bags, you can even apply them as a poultice to really painful parts. Slather on a great emollient after--preferably Skin Free Balm, Spritz, or Tamanu-- and you are good to go!

Speaking of going, go check out Karen's blog and win something!

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