Monday, April 20, 2009

Skin Free Skincare Now Approved by the Morris Bunch

Good Monday Morning to you all! I got an email from Gena over at The Morris Bunch Blog.
Gena is a great mom with dry skin and four beautiful children with sensitive skin. She's one of the moms from who have offer to try my products and send out some honest, family tested reviews.

What I like about Gena's approach is that she tested the product over time to make sure that it really worked for her and the kids! Very smart approach.

As you can imagine, the Morris' are hooked on Skin Free Skincare and will be steady customers after this.

Please visit Gena's blog to see what she has to say! Thanks! Julie


Gena said...

Thanks Julie! We really do love it!

victoria99 said...

I get super dry cracked feet and just can't seem to find a product that can fix it. I also get dry elbows and my eye lids always are dry and cracked. Generally my skin is pretty dry as well. I need a product that will fix my dry skin and these products look inviting.