Thursday, March 12, 2009

Skin Free Makes Friends At American Academy of Dermatology Meeting

WOW!!! That's all I can say about the extravaganza of the AAD Meeting all the super big companies were there with no holds barred. Aveeno even put in a garden around their island booth representing all the ingredients in their products.

We met dermatologists from all around the world. One amazing thing caught my attention: Eczema in Infants and Children is an International problem. This strikes me as quite shocking. Why would an auto-immune issue like eczema be an international issue. I think this requires some serious investigation.

Skin Free was a great hit and we did manage to give away the 6000+ bars of soap that we took to distribute. Since the proof IS in the pudding, I think we will have a lot of converts to the products very soon.

One thing I know, our product line is definitely distinct in it's formulation and the dermatologists were very excited to see that. They were also interested in our placement at Walgreens.

Keep your eyes posted for Skin Free Products to start appearing on Walgreens shelves around April 17th. It may take a while for all the stores to get their product. Please let the managers know that you are excited it's coming!!

Thanks to all! Julie

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