Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Skin Free Skincare Goes to San Francisco for the American Academy of Dermatology Meeting

I am really excited about presenting the Skin Free Skincare Products to the Amercian Academy of Dermatology. We have already introduced the products to many doctors who will attend, but since the group has international guests and 7500 people have signed up to attend, I think we'll be making a few more converts.

The theme of our display is "We would like to change your opinion about soap." So many people, doctors included are convinced that chemical and petroleum based detergent bars are the best thing for sensitive skin. We will handing out 6048 full-sized soaps and brochures to as many dermatologists as we can.

Our friends from the National Eczema Association and the National Psoriasis Foundation will be there to help us spread the word about Skin Free. Our Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Soap was awarded the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance last August, so that will be proudly displayed on our banner.

We've got a great location and my friend, Paige, is going out to help me meet and greet. She's also going to help me blaize a trail through some of San Francisco's finer eateries. We are venturing out to Chez Pannisse on Friday night. Life may never be the same! Wish us luck, Julie

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