Monday, February 9, 2009

Art is Zed- My left brain is calling!

This entry is definitely off topic, but a subject very dear to my heart! As many of you know, I was an art major before I stumbled off to Pharmacy school. The two have become jumbled in my thick little head and often with happy creative consequences.

Yesterday, I was offered a treat that was well worth the years I waited for it -- my favorite local artist, Aggie Zed, invited me to visit her studio and look thru her vast cabinets of unviewed works. If you are not an art collector, or inclined in that direction, I can compare it to being invited on location to watch your favorite directors and actors make a movie and then hanging around to chat and have a beer.

Aggie and share strange and amusing coindences in our lives. We have roosters who could be identical twins. We've lived in the same cities. We share a similar sense of humor. Her sister Julia's birthday is the day after mine. We joke that she often channels my life through her paintings.

Her work is poignant and funny and dreamlike. It takes drool pokes at the real world in a covert kind of way.

I was honored during my visit to be able to look through her morning sketchbooks. The work there is even more amazing than the paintings. Her drawing skills are immaculate and the stories in these drawings extends from her sleeping dreams to her waking ones. She sits in bed with coffee and draws to face the day.

I'm driven to help her with her website to try and bring more of this incredible work to light. Watch her website There may be wonderful things soon appearing there!

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