Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Skin Free Skincare Blog for 2009

Well, I'm only a week late to start my New Year's Resolution of blogging more often. I've been in one of those mid-winter Holiday funks that must be some sort of post- prandial response considering all the gorging that ensues between Nov 25 and Dec 25 each year.

I think it takes about a week for me to submit to the idea that 1) I have gained weight and 2) I must actively do something to get rid of it.

One of the good things I did this past holiday was to offer to walk dogs at our local No-Kill SPCA shelter. I had no idea how long it took for several people to give 40 healthy dogs a minimal walk. I also realized how many of these poor pups don;t have the social skills to encourage their adoptions. No matter how cute a young dog might be, who's going to take them home if they can't walk on a lease properly or continuously jump up on you or your kids. I think dog walking may become an answer to my overindulgence.

How's is everybody's skin holding up this winter? You know I think our Skin Free Sugar Scrub combined with our Skin Free Liquid Soap used on a regular basis has got to be a major answer for dry, rough, cracked skin. Check out our products page for the Spa Scrub Power Pak Buy one and get 15% off the regular price just for mentioning the title of this blog.

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