Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lots of Information!!!

Our good friend, Rachel Levine at NIH, has her new Yoga Week website up and running. Rachel is really into yoga and it's health and mental benefits. This is the link to the website: Even if you don't live in the Washington DC/Maryland Beltway area, I think you will find the website interesting. Rachel has been busy helping promote Skin Free products by giving out samples of our great soap for Earth Day and will be sharing them during Yoga Week as well.

Rachel also introduced us to National Yoga Month, which will be held during the month of September in 10 major cities across the US. More to follow about that!

There are new products and gift bags at Our latest addition to the product line is called Super Moisture Butter Creme. It's formula is based on our Super Moisture Body Balm with two major differences:

1) It contains water, so it's texture is more like a typical cream. Lot's of people prefer the silkier smooth consistency of creams, so here you go!

2) It doesn't contain soy. It worried me that so many people kept requesting products without soy. Approximately 8% of children have soy allergies. People who have underlying asymptomatic soy allergies can cause these allergies to become active by using soy products on their skin. Now there is a Skin Free alternative.

There are Four (4) Gift Bag Suggestions on our Skin Free website now:

1) The Basic Four Gift Bag- our first four products - Balm, After Shower Spritz, Naiouli Butter Stick, and Soap. This is a great gift for a new mother, a newly diagnosed diabetic or renal patient,
a radiation or chemo therapy patient, someone with severe allergies, especially to fragrances.

2) The Eczema Relief Kit- the After Shower Spritz and 4 bars of Extra Moisturizing Soap. I've seen this combo so many people, including children. We will be donating these kits to the National Eczema Association's Conference in San Diego this July.

3) The Skin Renewal System- our Sweet and Smooth Sugar Scrub teams up with our deluxe Whipped Tamanu Body Butter just in time for Spring. You won't be afraid to show a little skin after using this combo.

4) The About Face Power Pack- this group includes our Corrective Face Nectar, Daytime Light Moisture, and several bars of our Extra Moisturizing Soap. This would make a great Mother's Day gift.

Speaking of Mother's Day, we will have some new products and special offers at posted soon just for the occasion.

We have had several requests for other new products. Right now we are working on developing a really luxurious liquid soap, We get a lot of people asking for this one. There don't seem to be many unscented natural choices for a moisturizing liquid soap. Dr. Bronner's is great for people with healthy skin, but we are working on a formula that will enrich sensitive skin the same way that our Extra Moisturizing Soap Bar does. I think we will be able to release a batch in teh next few weeks.

We are also working on a couple of new facial products. I've got a really exotic face cream formula, but it's a little pricey. I've been using it on my face and it feels like heaven! The formula includes CO2 extracts of oat seeds, raspberry seeds, and seabuckthorn berries. It's very light, but rich. Any volunteers for testing? I'm hoping that it's effective against rosacea. If any of you have rosacea and would like to provide "before" and "after" pix, let me know.

Lastly, we are going to start offering GIVEAWAYS here on the blog from all three of the websites just to see if you are paying attention. The first one coming up soon for Mother's Day.
Stay tuned for more. later, Julie

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