Saturday, April 19, 2008

Location,Location, Location...

Things have been so busy lately, that I haven't been blogging! Sorry folks, because I really have a lot of news!

First of all, we have 21 NEW retail locations that are carrying Skin Free Products: 3 of them are independent pharmacies in Michigan owned by Andy and Kathy Askler. The Askler's friend, Lorraine Failen, got me in touch with them because she wanted to be able to buy products closer to home. The other independent pharmacy that now carries a limited line of our products is Meadowbrook Pharmacy in the Barracks Road area of Charlottesville. I love that Meadowbrook has our products. I'm a great fan of Southern literature and one of Meadowbrook's most famous customers was William Faulkner. (Unfortunately, it's a little late for Skin Free to be helping Mr. and Mrs. F.)

We are ALWAYS looking for new retail outlets. We are carried by Health Food Stores, Pharmacies, and Doctor's Offices in various locations. This list will soon be updated on the web. If you know of a local pharmacy or other retail store that should be carrying our products in your area, please email me their contact info and let the owner or manager know that you want our products in their store. It will save a lot of S&H money for all!

The other 17 new locations are part of the CVS/Pharmacare Specialty Pharmacies and are in major cities across the country. Pharmacare Specialty Pharmacies focus mainly on delivering drugs for diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, hemophilia, hepatitis, multiply sclerosis, etc. Most of this is done through mail order, but they have a wonderful network of walk-in pharmacies in larger cities.

The basic four Skin Free products- Balm, Spritz, Butter Stick, and Soap are now in 17 CVS/Pharmacare Pharmacies in New York City, San Francisco, LA, West Hollywood, Berkeley, San Diego, Orlando, Boston, Worchester, Portland, Philadelphia, Providence, San Antonio, and Houston.

Check the website for the exact addresses of our new locations. It should be posted by Monday.

More to come! Thanks to all for your support, Julie

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