Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Keeping up with technology isn't always easy, but it sure can be fun! Would you like to help Blue Ridge Gypsy and Skin Free Skincare launch into the new wave of Social Media? We want to use videos to promote our products and we think you can help.

Do you have a favorite Skin Free product? Make a video of you or a friend using the product(s). Tell your audience how to use it and why you like it.

Send your video to blueridgegypsy@yahoo.com or let us know that you have uploaded it to YouTube. We will share our favorites on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites and you can win a free year's worth of Skin Free products AND Skin Free will donate $500 to the National Eczema Association. Not only will you be helping Skin Free and getting some amazing natural skincare for free, but you will be helping the growing population of people in North America who suffer from eczema.

People will be able to view your videos and vote for them at the Skin Free website. Winners will be selected by popularity with voters and Skin Free employees.

OKay, here's the fine print:

Contest Company: Skin Free Skincare

Supported Cause: National Eczema Association
Type of Contest: Video

Time Frame for Entries: November 15,2010 thru December 31, 2010

Entry Requirements: Entries must be an original video taken by the participant. No other types of entries will be accepted. You must have the expressed written consent of anyone appearing in your video. Enter as many times as you like but duplicate entries will be disregarded. Any entry that violates copyright protection or the Blue Ridge Gypsy terms of entry will be disqualified.

Please read the Additional Contest Rules thoroughly. To enter this contest, you must agree to the rules which creates a contract between you and Blue Ridge Gypsy. All participants in the contest are subject to the Blue Ridge Gypsy terms and conditions. Any attempt to manipulate votes in any fashion can result in your votes being reduced or automatic deletion of your contest entry. Please play fair.

We look forward to your videos. Hopefully, there will be entries for all of our products and lots of winners. So get busy.

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