Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Has Skin Free Skincare Been Up To?

Well, it's obvious that blogging hasn't been tops on my mind. We have had a few trips. Made some new products. Started a new website. I think I'll let a few of our reviewers give some Skin Free Observations and get back to you after we visit the kids in Orlando.

Meet Jennifer from Giveaways and More:

"I'm a thirty something married woman living in a rural area of Oregon where I own a small business but just got a new job with a bank. I love to offer my readers reviews and giveaways of products!

My skin has always been problematic. As a teenager and still as a thirty-something woman, I struggle with blemish-prone, oily skin. Trying to find products that keep blemishes at bay while, at the same time, retaining some of the moisture so that my skin doesn't feel like sandpaper is so hard for me! I've tried everything from expensive products that can only be purchased in salons to products that are very inexpensive and can be bought at your local drug store. Nothing seems to work. I fully intend to struggle with this problem for the rest of my life!

However, while I still haven't found that "miracle product" that will take away all my woes, I have found a group of products that help lessen the problems that I've experienced over the years. Skin Free Skincare products are formulated by a pharmacist and recommended by doctors for those with sensitive, delicate and very dry or damaged skin.

I received three different products from Skin Free and Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio including Acai Scrub for Sparkling Skin, the Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar and Butter Cream Hand and Body Lotion in Tuscan Lavender. I was so excited to receive the lotion because I love the smell of lavender! This lotion lived up to my excitement because it smells lovely and just like I'm standing in a field of lavender. It is not at all greasy on my skin and it absorbs wonderfully. The consistency is light while still providing enough moisture so that my skin does not dry out.

My husband was thrilled with the Acai Scrub! In fact, he used it one morning after shaving and excitedly announced later that evening that his skin was still very smooth. No five o'clock shadow here! I was also happy with the scrub. It smelled wonderful without any of the perfumes that you normally have in a scrub. It felt natural on my skin and didn't leave any greasy residue after rinsing it off. The first time I used it I was a little bit freaked out because it does have a brown tint to it which I could see in the tub while rinsing but it didn't stain my tub. All in all, this was a great product that works to remove excess dry skin!

The last product we tried was the Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar. Both my husband and me were amazed at the way that the bar cleansed our skin with drying it out or leaving a film. I've never used a bar soap that didn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry so I was thrilled when this one cleaned without drying. I didn't try it as a shampoo bar but I bet it would do a great job at cleaning hair, too!"

Thanks for the great review, Jennifer! I'm glad your husband enjoyed the scrub. Many more men are buying our products. For those of you who enjoy the quality of Skin Free products, but would like more fragrance, please visit the Blue Ridge Gypsy site. Both sites share the same shopping cart, which means you only have to enter information one time. It's really convenient! You can find some great gifts there, too for birthdays or for Christmas. Santa will be here before you know it.

All the very best, Julie

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baby eczema said...

Many of us have those days when we realize how dull, dry and patchy our skin is. Thanks to this post, I've learned a lot!