Sunday, July 11, 2010

Larry H. from Cake Blast reviews products from Skin Free & Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio

Today's Guest Blogger is Larry from the Cakeblast. I'm excited to have a gentleman review our products! Listen up, Guys Out There. Skincare is for everyone. Don't be lame. This stuff is't all "girly". Real Men take care of themselves and have great sexy skin. Women love this! I'm just saying ;)

Here's what Larry had to say"

"Both Blue Ridge Gypsy and Skin Free Skincare create quality lotions, body sprays, creams, scrubs, soaps, facial masks, and more. All of their products contain only natural, cruelty free, vegan ingredients. I tried out the Skin Free Renewal Kit and Blue Ridge Gypsy Honeysuckle Butter Creme and am very pleased with the results.

The Skin Free Skin Renewal System includes an 8oz tub of Sweet & Smooth Sugar Scrub and an 8oz tub of Whipped Tamanu Body Butter. This is everything needed to exfoliate and moisturize the skin and would make a great gift for anyone who is concerned about skincare.

The Tamanu Body Butter leaves my skin feeling very soft and supple. It is fragrance free, but the ingredients have a natural scent that smells similar to butter pecan ice cream. The best thing about the body butter is its extraordinary hydrating abilities. The body butter thoroughly moisturizes my skin making it obvious why it is so good for babies, the elderly, or anyone with dry or sensitive skin. Men will often not admit to using moisturizers, thinking it is feminine. However, guys should want to look their best too. I moisturize, and this body butter is perfect after a good Exfoliating sugar scrub.

The Sweet & Smooth Sugar Scrub is another excellent Skin Free skin care product. I love using this in the shower to remove dead skin cells and smooth my skin. It can be ordered by itself for $14.95 + s/h.

The Skin Free Tamanu Body Butter can be ordered separately for $18.95 + s/h. The complete Skin Renewal Kit like the one I reviewed is $32. All orders under $50 ship for a very reasonable $5.00 in the U.S. and $6.95 to Canada. On orders over $50, Shipping is FREE!

The final product I received was the Honeysuckle Butter Creme from Blue Ridge Gypsy Studios. The products from Blue Ridge Gypsy all contain the same all-natural ingredients as the Skin Free line, with the only difference being the addition of fragrance. None of the Blue Ridge Gypsy or Skin free products contain petroleum, steroids or any harmful chemicals. In fact, both companies are owned by the same entrepreneur Julie Hilton, who has over 30 years experience in compounding and natural skin care.

When I first opened the Honeysuckle Butter Creme, I was a bit shocked at the lotion’s pink color. It is a very pretty shade of pink, I just didn’t expect it to be that color. The lotion keeps my skin soft although as expected it doesn’t absorb into my skin the way the body butter does. The honeysuckle smells wonderful albeit with citrus tones that remind me of grapefruit.

Blue Ridge Gypsy Studios has many other scents available including summer scents which are only available (and on SALE) for a limited time. Blue Ridge Gypsy butter creme hand and body lotions are available for $12.99 + s/h and like I mentioned earlier, if you buy four bottles or otherwise spend over $50, shipping will be free! What a great reason to buy some as gifts!"

Thanks for the input, Larry! I have to say the pink color of the Honeysuckle Butter Creme was a surprise to me, too!!! Something happens when I add that eseential oil blend to the warm Butter Creme. BTW, this is the same Butter Creme recipe as the Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Butter Creme. We just add essential or fragrance oils.
The Honeysuckle blend is our own interpretation of the wonderful honeysuckle that grows wild here in Virginia.

Thanks for the support everyone! Hope you are having a great summer. Please go to Blue Ridge Gypsy and check out our SUMMER SALE. It won't last forever.

All the Very Best, Julie

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