Sunday, August 9, 2009

April's Birthday Skin Free Giveaway Contest

Thursday, August 6th was exciting for two memorable birthdays this year:

Peter Shankman turned 37 after finishing the NY Triathalon in under 3 hours. That's a remarkable feat at any age. Even more remarkable is Peter's amazing schedule touring the country speaking on social media and knocking out at least 3 editions of HARO (Help A Reporter Out) Monday thru Friday.If you are not familiar with Peter's newsletters and you are in business for yourself, I would suggest you sign up and start participating. Because of this great newsletter, my assistant Tammy got to meet Magic Johnson and Russell Simmons live and in person, while promoting Skin Free Skin Care at the Def Diamond Dinner in Houston.

The second birthday was especially poignant to us here at the Skin Free homebase because it belonged to our Warehouse Manager, April. We celebrated heartily, so this post is a little late. Sorry!

To finish honoring our friend, April, Skin Free is offering a mighty, mighty Giveaway Contest!! Let's see...what shall we offer?

How about:

A new Acai Scrub for Sparkling Skin

Whipped Tamanu Body Butter

Nutritional and Anti-oxidant Synergie for Face and

6 bars of Extra Moisturizing Soap

I think somebody might like that prize...

So, how to win?

1) Visit and tell me in $$$$ how much this prize is worth at retail value.

2) Twitter about this and leave me your link.

3) Follow this blog and comment on this post.

We will draw a winner on August 15th. good Luck! Julie


Valerie said...

A new Acai Scrub for Sparkling Skin $14.99
Whipped Tamanu Body Butter $18.99
Nutritional and Anti-oxidant Synergie for Face $45.00
6 bars of Extra Moisturizing Soap 23.94

Wow, that brings it up to $102.92
Someone is gonna be Happy!
KawaiiNeko2008 at aol dot com


i have no idea and math is not my strong suit...but this is my birth month so i think i should win.
spvaughan yahoo com


hodgepodgespv follows you

spvaughan yahoo come


spvaughan yahoo com

Emily B said...

I get $103.92, wowsers!

ebickell (At) hotmail (dot) com

Emily B said...

I'm a follower :)

I am Lee-Ann... said...

I got a total of $103.92.

I am Lee-Ann... said...

I follow your blog.

I am Lee-Ann... said...


Tylerpants said...

The retail value of this prize is $103.92!


Tylerpants said...

I'm a follower.

Lindsay said...

Acai Scrub for Sparkling Skin - 6 oz - $15.99
Whipped Tamanu Body Butter™ - 8 oz - $18.99
Nutritional and Anti-Oxidant Synergy for Face - 50 ml - $45.00
Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar™ - 3.5 oz - $3.99 x 6 = $23.94

Grand Total Value = $103.92!
Almost $104!

Lindsay said...

I'm following this blog now!

Lindsay said...

I just Tweeted!

Anne said...

acai scrub 15.99
whipped tamanu body butter 18.99
Nutritional and anti oxidant synergie for face 45.00
6 bars 23.94

I came up with 103.92! This prize is SUPER! I love skin free!

Anne said...

I follow your blog and commented!

Anne said...