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The Review Broads LOVE Skin Free Skincare

The Review Broads are my new best friends! If your not familiar with their style, you have got to go to their blog. Zippy lives in FL and Ava lives in Utah. All three of us are in our 50's, so we had an instant comraderie. I don't usually post entire reviews on my site, but these ladies are so funny and so honest in their take on Skin Free, that I decided to borrow their chat about the products. Please visit their site and take advantage of the $30 Skin Free Skincare Gift Certificate they offer. I can't thank you enough, Ladies. You guys are great!

Broad A: I am an organic girl! So when Z and I decided to review the SkinFree products I was thrilled.

Broad Z: Well, as you know I've already reviewed Skin Free on Champagne Living, so I was already excited about Skin Free as well. Unlike you A, I'm not the organic girl. I'd be first in line for Botox and fillers if I didn't think that it would HURT.

Broad A: When I first tried Firming Matrix for Face I had a small reaction. AND I don't believe that it had anything to do with the product. Z has olive skin, I have the palest Irish skin around! That's why I wear little if not anything on my face except sunblock. Julie, the owner of SkinFree (bless her heart) advised me to stop using anything but the soap and she sent out Skin Free After Shower Moisturizer Spritz and Daytime Light Moisture. I had continued to use the Correction Face Nectar and the Acai Scrub for Sparkling Face (I couldn't help it, my face felt amazing!).

Broad Z: Olive Skin?? Don't you mean over sunned, shoe-leather skin? I'm beginning to look like one of those old Miami Beach Broads (all I need is the cigarette hanging from my lips)....LOL. But you're right, I have olive Mediterranean skin, so it's TOUGH. But, I have my share of skin problems. PLUS, I'm very lazy. I live in South Florida and only put sunblock on when I go to the beach. I know, it doesn't make any sense, like the sun only hits my face when I'm sitting on the sand. Julie had sent me the Firming Matrix Cream, the Corrective Face Nectar, the Acai Scrub for Sparkling Face and the Extra Moisturizing Soap. I have to admit, that this was the first time that I've ever (in my 55 years) actually been faithful to a skin care regimine. There have been so many changes in my skin, I wish I had taken before and after pictures.

Broad A: The Face Nectar and the Acai Scrub are unbelievable. I am originally from Miami, and have had skin cancer from lying out on the beautiful beaches and now I have a quarter size brown age spot on the right side of my face. I used the Scrub once a week, and the Nectar every day and night. I have to tell you ladies, it is almost gone. Like Z I wish I had taken pictures! I certainly couldn't afford laser treatments but I am THRILLED with the results of SkinFree! My skin tone has evened out and now that I am using the Daily Moisturizer, I notice a totally different feeling to my skin. I look 5 years younger. I know this sounds crazy, but it is TRUE! I love this product, with its all natural oils and the way it just soaks into the skin. I use olive oil and eggs in my hair once a week to get that wonderful shine that I like without chemicals, and since SkinFree has not only olive oil but primrose oil, acai powder, sweet almond oils, and more, it smells a little like olive oil. I have found myself liking the smell alot even though it was a little strange at first.

Broad Z: I have to say "I told you so" A, but....I told you so. I got to use the products first and I wasn't sure that you believed me when I told you that my skin was lightening and the muddy color was evening out. My age spots (um, sun spots) are disappearing!! Julie has done amazing things with these products. I have to say though, that I had a difficult time getting over the overpowering smell of the natural oils at first. I'm sooooo used to perfumed products that I almost stopped using them. Now I've grown to LOVE the smell. Shoot girl, you look 5 years younger? UGH - you're 5 years older than me and always looked younger, now you're looking even YOUNGER?

Broad A: The Acai Scrub is delicious, delicious, delicious! Again, I have only used Lancome all my life, and never realized that there are products out there now that actually regenerate the skin, instead of just covering it up (that's what happens when you live in Utah and not Florida!).

Broad Z: See, now I had a difficult time manipulating the Acai Scrub, but I agree it's worth the extra work. For those who are thinking about buying/using suggestion is to spoon it out. I used my fingers the first time and made a HUGE mess of my vanity. It wasn't the products' fault, I'm a slob and I took too big a glob of it.

Broad A: Bravo, Julie, SkinFree works! The Daytime Light Moisturizer fells like a light balm treatment. It soaks into the skin immediately and since of course it is all natural oils, there is no "aftertaste" of the usual cream moisturizers that seem to stay on top of my skin. This product not only works - but because I am one of those people who hate putting mucky stuff on my face, I LOVED the natural scents and the GLOW, and HOW my skin felt - alive for the first time in years.

Broad Z: Poo, I didn't try the moisturizer yet, but I was able to use the firming cream. It's pretty cool because you can feel the tingle and tighten as soon as you apply it.

Broad A: I know I am babbling on as Z would say, but I can't recommend this product highly enough. Julie is a joy to work with and really CARED about the first small reaction I had. She sent product out immediately to fix it. AND - the best news of all - these products are affordable if you, like me live in the Hut instead of the Mansion!

Broad Z: I'm going to have to agree with A on this, these products actually did what they claim to. Hey A, did you know that you can buy some of them at Walgreens? Of course you can buy the ENTIRE collection of Skin Free products at Oh and I expected them to be EXPENSIVE, but they're not. All of Skin Free's products are priced so that anyone can afford them (not like the expensive GOOP that I buy that never works).

Why do you insist on living in a HUT? Come down and visit me at the mansion A, but wait until winter when it's gorgeous in South Florida and COLD in SLC.

SkinFree Products Used by Broad "A":

SkinFree Extra Moisturing Soap - gentle

SkinFree After Shower Moisture Spritz - like going to the spa

Acai Scrub for Sparkling Skin - needs a French label! GREAT

Daytime Light Moisturizer - stays on all day, and feels much like the face nectar

Corrective Face Nectar - really lightens age and sunspots and I plan to buy a year's supply!

Skin Free Products Used by Broad "Z":

Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Soap - I used it not only on my face but ALL OVER (sorry, didn't mean to burn that image into your brain).

Acai Scrub for Sparkling Skin- wow, talk about baby smooth skin

Corrective Face Nectar - I think this is what's REALLY healing my damaged skin.

Firming Matrix Cream - love that tingle & tighten

Thanks again Ladies! Now that's what a review is all about! Don't forget the Skin Free Walgreens BOGO has been extended to our CVS stores. More to come...Julie

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Julie, no thank YOU for a wonderful product line. You made it so easy to review.