Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Reviews and Skin Free Skin Care Giveaways

Just when I thought I was catching up I fell down again. My staff is threatening to get me a "Life Alert" if I don't keep it together. Here are some more wonderful reviews and Giveaways. They are in chronological order of how they were sent to me, so go visit the top ones first. Everybody sets a deadline on their giveaways and you don't want to lose out!!!

Blogmania Thanks, Mary Beth!

Proud to be Cheap Thanks, Tamara! (you're beautiful)

Leslie Loves Veggies Thanks, Leslie! (and all the little animals thank you, too)

Mahayla's Mommy Yea, Sarah!

The Mom Maven Thanks, Cindy!

Joyful Money Saving Joy to the World!!

As They Grow Up Thanks, Samantha!

A Simple Kind of Life Thanks, Angie!

Crunchy Green Mom Happy B-Day, Suzanne!

Grammy Janet's Place Thanks, Janet from Grammy Julie

An Island Life Kailani, you are so awesome!!!

Kailani loved Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Soap so much that she went to every Walgreens in her valley and bought them out!!!! That's true love.

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