Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Bored Mommy Gets Some Well-Deserved Excitement from Skin Free Skincare.

Well, I guess three IS a charm. I just received a most charming review of Skin Free Skincare products from Courtney over at One Bored Mommy.

Courtney has suffered from psoriasis since she was a child. She is just the type of client that inspired me to formulate Skin Free products. People who don't suffer from such obvious skin ailments have no idea how emotionally debilitating they can be--especially for kids.

Please visit Courtney's blog--especially if you or someone you love has psoriasis.

I'm really glad that COurtney got to try our products. Hope you will try them, too!

Keep smilin', Jules

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you know, i keep entering and one of these days, i will win and be able to test your product on me and my dh and my bff and if it works on us, you will have repeat customers!