Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baba Knows Best About Skin Free Skincare

Deborah Sloan aka "Baba" really got my attention with her blog Baba's farmhouse because she's ":remodeling an 1888 Victorian Stone Country Farmhouse,{and reporting} product reviews, giveaways, and random ramblings of our hilarious life."

I would really love to have an 1888 Victorian Stone Country Farmhouse! Here in Nelson Co, VA, they do exist, but most are already lived in. The one's that aren't inhabited by humans have various and sundry other occupants. Some of them I would rather not run into.

Deborah and her husband have several websites your might want to visit. Her Etsy Shop "Babba's Boutique" features knitted goods and ornaments. Her Hubby Robert's Art Shop features wood, metal and glass sculpture, which also hangs in some Colorado galleries.

We asked Deborah to review our two newest products, The Skin Free Firming Matrix Creme for Face and the Skin Free Acai Scrub for Sparkling Skin. She's offers her typically honest and humorous thoughts on both on her blog. Take a look and while you are there, visit the farm!

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