Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maria G. makes AWESOME videos for Skin Free Products!

What a nice gesture! Maria G. over at Maria's Space made the coolest videos of her son and our products and I think she posted them on her blog AND YouTube. I asked if we could post them too because her son is so adorable I could hug him and kiss him forever.

Basically, Maria reinforces that Skin Free Skincare products are hot! No fragrances and no harsh chemicals = No Burning and No Fear. One of the greatest things I ever here is that they can be applied to really nasty children's eczema without burning and resistance from the child.

If you don't have children or you don't have eczema, that might not mean much, but parents know that when you apply typical lotion formulations to broken skin, it Hurts! When your child is in pain, you are in pain.

Using Skin Free Skincare's all vegan oil formulas allows you to stop that pain. And no matter what they tell you at the big-typical-lotion-company, pain is not a good thing. Alcohols and harsh chemicals that cause burning can also cause eczema to get worse. Artificial fragrances cause up to 85% of eczema breakouts.

We choose the right ingredients and choose to leave out the wrong ingredients. And we choose to keep our prices reasonable, as well!

I saw a new product advertized on TV for less than $2 an ounce. Well, guess what? Skin Free After Shower Spritz and Skin Free Super Moisture Balm are less than $2 an ounce, too! And guess what ELSE? There's NO water in our products. So the less than $2 per ounce that you spend on Skin Free goes a lot farther!!!

So go to your local Walgreen's and buy some :) If they don't have the products in stock, please ask them to order. You need some Skin Free right now!! love ya'll, Julie

PS: Almost forgot: Maria's Giving Away a $30 Skin Free Skincare Gift Certificate so go on over to Maria's Place and win some Skin Free.

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