Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Mom Against Eczema & Her Brood Try Out Skin Free Products

Cindy from One Mom Against Eczema reviewd four different products for us and had her kids help out with the review.

The reports were interesting and not all positive, so you know they are honest! No. 1 son did not find the Skin Free After Shower Spritz very helpful or moisturizing. As you know the Skin Free After Shower Spritz is 100% oil and it to be applied immediately after bathing while your skin is still warm and moist. This is the first negative report that we've gotten on the Spritz not being moisturizing enough. I would suggest that they continue using the product on a regular basis because he must have some very dry skin. Application technique may also be an issue. The application must cover the skin and not just hit spots for it to be thoroughly effective. He did like the Extra Moisturizing Soap.

Cindy also used the Skin Free Corrective Face Nectar on her hand. Novel approach, but effective! She found this product to be her favorite and it cleared up her cracking skin and itchiness. Every one comments on the scent of the SFCFN. It contains carrot seed oil and Tamanu, both are a little stinky. We try to compensate by adding Geranium Essential oil, which is also good for the skin. Some still find the aroma offensive. It is nutty and pungent. I don't think it's worth the trouble to dilute it with sweet smelling oils that would only reduce it's effectiveness.

The Skin Free Niaouli Butter Stick seems to be the family's fave. They used it on hands and other stray patches of eczema. Cindy liked that she could hand it over to her 3 yo who could apply it himself without staining his clothes or making a mess.

Over all, I think they liked us. None of the products burned when applied to the skin (although the 3 yo got soap in his eye, which was unpleasant). Why don't you go visit and see for yourself? Thanks, Cindy & Crew. Good Job!!

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Cindy said...

Thanks for letting us try your products, we are still getting great use from them! Natural products without all the ingredients that I can't pronounce!