Thursday, May 28, 2009

JoAnna on the Lake - Come on Down! You've won the Skin Free Mem Day Giveaway

Hallooo Joanna on the Lake! I'm not sure what lake you're on, but you need to paddle in to shore and contact us with your UPS shipping address (send to, please). You have won the Skin Free Memorial Day Giveaway which includes:

1) Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Liquid Soap

2) Skin Free Sweet and Smooth Sugar Scrub

3) Skin Free Whipped Tamanu Body Butter


It's great to combo up a little Liquid Soap with the Sugar Scrub and get rid of those nasty scaley dry skin cells left over from winter before you start showing off a little summer skin at the beach ( or the Lake, as the case maybe!)

And I just can't tell you enough wonderful things about Tamanu for your skin. It's even good for sunburn, but I perfer it after a nice cooling tea bath. A What Bath?

Yes, tea (like orange pekoe or some other garden variety brown teas) contain tannic acid. Tannnic acid will take the sting out of sunburn immediately. I always get those gallon size mega teabags at the Sam's or Costco's because they are easier to use than opening 2 dozen of the little bags. Even if you aren't really burned, a nice soothing lukewarm tea bath is very relaxing after extended sun exposure and helps prevent sun damage.

After your soothing tea bath, apply Skin Free Whipped Tamanu Butter to make your skin free great and heal any other sun damage that might have occurred. Sounds like a great spa treatment to me!

FYI, if you get badly sunburned on your face or neck, you can use the larger tea bags as a poultice after soaking in cool water. You won't believe how quickly the pain goes away!

Let's be careful out there! The ozone layer is slipping away. Ciao ciao ciao, Jules

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joannaonthelake said...

I'm paddling, I'm workin it, had a long way to go, LOL! What a nice message!! Yipee! I am so thrilled to learn I won, I can't wait to try these amazing sounding products! This is a great way to kick off the summer season that's almost here! Thank you so much! I've email you Julie so hopefully by now you have received it!