Friday, May 29, 2009

Monday is a Holiday at Skin Free Skincare

We thought we would let you know that next Monday is a special holiday! It is my assistant, Tammy's Birthday! We take birthdays seriously at Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio!
In addition to sharing gifts, we will be taking Tammy to the new wonderful Mexican restaurant in neighboring Amherst. They make fabulous Margueritas at this place, which is the reason we decided to close shop after lunch. It will definitely be siesta time after cake.

Talk about Tammy's party brought up talk about hangover cures. As a pharmacist, I have my own special remedy that I always recommend:

Julie's Guaranteed Hangover Cure:
You need one medium bottle of Gator-Ade in your favorite flavor

2 tablets of Pepcid or famotidine (Total 40 mg)

3 tablets of Aleve or naproxen (Total 900 to 1000mg)

Take the Pepcid with the Gator-Ade.
Wait 20 minutes(preferably in a horizontal position)
Take Aleve with more Gator-Ade
Remain in horizontal position for 20 minutes while finishing Gator-Ade

Feel Better? You're Welcome!

We'll try to be in Tuesday. Later, Jules

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