Monday, April 27, 2009

The-Give-Away Gives Away Skin Free Spa Kits

Katie Lyons at The- Give- Away Blog has written up a great review and is offering a major give away of SEVEN (7) Skin Free Spa Scrub Kits! The Skin Free Spa Scrub Kit includes our all natural Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Liquid Soap and our Skin Free Sweet and Smooth Sugar Scrub!

I love the Spa Scrub Kit in the warm weather because it gently exfoliates dry skin and makes you sparkling clean to bare skin hidden away in winter. Nobody wants to greet the Spring with alligator skin! Exfoliating dry rough skin also helps with itching and gives you a radiant glow.

You can purchase the Spa Scrub Kit on the Skin Free Website OR you can visit Katie's blog and get some free stuff!!

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