Thursday, May 15, 2008

But is it Edible?

I'm often asked questions about paraben preservatives and sodium lauryl whatever-salt-or-ester is today's poison. Should you use them? Are they safe? Is all the buzz hype?

My answer is: If it worries you, don't use it!!! I always think about the Romans poisoning themselves drinking out of lead cups. It's frightening to wonder about the damage done by melting plastics in the microwave--or even standing too near microwaves. We have created chemicals in our modern world that have turned into monsters.

Your skin is your body's largest organ. It was designed to keep you intact, but it probably wasn't designed with plastics, or parabens, or other modern chemicals in mind. Many of today's toxins can be absorbed through your skin. Please remember that when you are using pesticides (because I know some of you out there are still using pesticides).

How much toxic stuff should you worry about if it's in your body wash, lotion or shampoo? Multiplied over a lifetime, even a little ends up being a lot.

My theory is --if your prevent harm to your skin and your body, you will be a lot better off in the long run.

Skin Free skincare is not only vegan, it's EDIBLE!!! That is safety.

Thought for the Day: If you shouldn't put it in your body, should you put it on your body?

PS: Our soap is edible, too. But I wouldn't over do it :)

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Shell said...

I'm surprised there aren't more comments to your blog! I've been using Skin Free products for the past couple months and I've loved them! I use the bar soap for just about everything. It's great as a shampoo... I use it for myself as well as my kids. The Naouli Butter really does the job on my winter hands and feet. I'd love to try some of your other stuff that's not as easily available at CVS! Still waiting for that contest you talked about before!

Who does the SkinFree brand compare with your Gypsy brand? Is Gypsy the same just with fragrance?