Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Skin Free Skin Care Reviews

Things have been awfully quiet here at the old blog. I've returned to community pharmacy full time just in time for flu season. Let's just say I'm having an adventure!

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves. Please take lots of vitamins and antioxidants to ward off those nasty viruses. Wash your hands-Wash your hands-
Wash your hands, Remind all of your family and friends to do so. Keep a spritz bottle of alcohol around-- most pint size bottles of alcohol will accomidate a regular spray cap. Spray on common surfaces like counters and phones to kill off bugs.

I hope everyone is preparing for a happy and safe Christmas. And as Tiny Tim always says, "God Bless Us Everyone."

Here are some recent Skin Free Reviews:

Beeb, The Super Coupon Girl has added Skin Free to her Holiday Shopping Guide. I'm sure you will find lots of other great ideas there, as well.

Mary from 512 Kidz Blog love the products that she tried and now uses them regularly.

Dana from Feeling Fit with Dana let her Father-in-Law chime in with his opinion. I just love it when guys get hooked on Skin Free.

Emi from The Cloth Diaper Report loved the Spa-like effects of the Sugar Scrub.

Nicolle from BabeeLove went wild over her Basic Four Gift Set because it cleared up her husband's eczema and her really dry skin.

Bri from Silver Savings added Skin Free to her Teen Gift List.

Janna from Feed Your Pig loved the fact that we are cruelty free and effective.

Michelle from the Mkokopelli Blog shared some awesome Before and After pixs of her skin since using Skin Free products. Thanks Michelle! Seeing is believing.

Marilyn from A Lot of Loves gave a great review of how the products she used worked on each of her family members. Wonderful info here.

Holly from This Mama Rocks loved the Butter Stick and the fact that the products are fragrance free.

I hope all of you will take a moment to go out and read these wonderful reviews. And don't forget the contest is still going on at Greenwala. Three lucky winners will recieve a full years worth of various Skin Free products. Go look at that!

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