Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skin Free Exhibits at 2009 AANP Conference

Hi Folks,

We just returned from my first trip to beautiful Washington state. The 2009 American Association of Naturopathic Physicians held its conference in Tacoma. We woke up every morning with Mount Ranier glowing in the distance. What a beautiful site!

Made lots of wonderful new friends among the ND's and exibitors. Ate fabulous food and had a really great time. One of my new friends informed me that autistic children really need to be protected from harsh chemicals and that Skin Free products would be perfect for them.

We will be reaching out to researchers, physicians, and families who work with autistic children in hopes in helping them conquer this problem.

Glad to be home, at least for a few days! We will be going to Orlando to meet our need grandson, Ethan, next weekend. Let's hope he has been born by then.

Best to you all! Julie

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