Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Reviews for Skin Free SkinCare

I just got back from the Left Coast and things have been happening so quickly that my head is still spinning. My DH says that's just my normal Exorcist impersonation, but I think I am really busy!

Have lots of reviews to post, but one in particular had me ROTFLOL for 15 minutes. (Thank the Lord for Detrol) I just have to repeat that review on this blog in its entirity because apparently the Male Sex has discovered Skin Free Skincare and is covertly stealing it away from the Women in their lives. Has this happened to you?
I mean we could start a support group, but I really recommend that you start buying two of everything if it's a real problem. Any way, I digress... here's what I got in the email box from Amy, the Happy Mom today:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Skin Free: Facial Care for Tough Guys and Girly Girls (Guest Post by Dad-O)

Okay, so Amy was trying out this Skin Free skin care stuff and I found the three little jars in the bathroom. Long story short, my fruity butt couldn’t stop talking about how much I liked the stuff and she thought I should be the one to tell her readers about it.

Here goes.

The first thing I tried was the Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin. I know that’s what it’s called because I’m looking at the jar, but generally refer to it as the “scratchy face stuff.” I realize that women do all sorts of crazy stuff to their bodies in the name of beauty – waxing, plucking, scraping, tweaking, shaving, curling – but guy’s aren’t used to that stuff. So when I first rubbed the scrub on my face and it felt like cold porridge mixed with broken glass, I was a little spooked. But DANG it feels good. There’s definitely a good scrub factor to it. It’s super refreshing to use and leaves your skin with sort of a moisturized, lotioned-up feel to it when you’re done. At this point, I don’t even feel awake until I get this stuff on my face.

I used the scrub for a few weeks before I spotted some other similar-looking jars next to the sink and figured that one good turn deserved another. Because apparently I’m fifteen years old and I get the occasional zit, I’m always trying different creams and stuff for spot treatment. One night I slathered on the Skin Free Green Clay Mask for Blemish Prone Skin before turning in for the night. My head had barely hit the pillow and I felt like my face was on fire. The mask was intense, probably mostly because I wasn’t expecting it. My first reaction was to run screaming to the sink like a little girl, but after being thoroughly mocked and emasculated by my adoring wife, I decided to tough it out. After a few minutes, I got use to the stuff and when I woke up and washed it off, my face felt great…refreshed.

Now honestly, I haven’t used the mask as a mask since that night. I just use it as a spot treatment for anyplace on my face that feels like it’s breaking out. That works for me, but I’ll be lots of the ladies out there would love it as one of those freaky nightly masks that the old ladies are always wearing late at night in the movies.

Last but not least, I tried the LiteMoisture Cream for Daily Use. I’m not big on stuff like this, but it leaves your skin feeling nice and if moisturizing-type-stuff floats your boat, I’ll bet you’ll love it.

Bottom line? I phase in and out of using skin care products like this, but I’m hooked on the Skin Free stuff. The ingredients are very natural and there’s a very organic feel to the whole experience. They're hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly, and cruelty free. What more could you ask?
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**Open to Canadian readers, eh?**

Dad-O You are awesome in my book!

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