Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Perfectly Honest Review from For the Love of Chaos

When Kathleen, who writes For the Love of Chaos, emailed me that she had posted "an honest review" I panicked for a split second. We had sent Kat the Skin Free Basic Four Set, which were our first four products and the ones we sell the most.

I know not everyone likes all of our products, but I don't enjoy getting negative reviews. Nobody does.

Boy, was I surprised and delighted when I went to Kat's site. She absolutely loved the products. It seems the only qualm that she had was that she really likes girly scented soaps. She was absolutely surprised to find that our unscented soap actually is unscented.

Let me warn you unsuspecting clients of many so-called unscented products. They do have fragrance in them. You see the FDA has a little loophole for people that make products that are a little, shall-we-say, stinky. They have allowed the addition of what is know in the business as a "masking fragrance". If your read the ingredients, (AND YOU SHOULD ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS) you will see Masking Fragrance listed plain as day. I am am extremely allergic to most artificial fragrances and have never been able to use these products. That's one reason that I started formulating Skin Free. If our label says "unscented", that's exactly what you get.

FYI, for those of you who do love girly scents, we do have another website which offers our original Blue Ridge Gypsy products.

Kat really has some wonderful things to say about our products, so I hope you check out her site and enter her giveaway contest for a $30 Skin Free Gift Certificate!

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