Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Skin Free Reviews New Giveaways

Looking for objective reviews of Skin Free Skincare with a Giveaway Kicker? Here's a new list of possibilities por vouz:

Something Snappy! Dianne is sold on Skin FrEE!

Grammy Janet posted about our BOGO. Thanks, Girl!

Stepmomextraordinaire Thanks, Kendahl.

Sage and Savvy Yeah, Gem!

The Mommy Files Great response, Shannon.

Princess Time Toys Thanks, Connie

The Snail's Trail Check out this review! Kari didn't like Skin Free at all! (it's ok to be honest :) She ended up reviewing Blue Ridge Gypsy products for us instead.

The Art of Random Willy Nilly Ness Carolyn's silly!

Double Bugs Go Laurie!

Just For Me and You Thx, Megan

Love To Shop Mom Happy Birthday to the Diva!

Dealectible Mommies thx for plugging the BOGO Candace

Clipper Girl's Saving Spot Yea, Barbara got the BOGO, too!


Kris said...

Where's mine? Sniff, Sniff....Why isn't my review listed? ;-)

Night Owl Mama said...

Saw a Tweet you were looking for Review Bloggers? I'd love to participate.
Curious do you have anything to help Infant Eczema? (he's 16months old) I've been searching every where can't find anything to help him.

Thank you

candace said...

you got it my dear! Thanks for the opp!

germangirl said...

Hello! I came to your site through the contest being held on The Mommy Files blog. I really want to try the Skin Free Green Clay Mask for Blemish Prone Skin. If I don't win, I think I'll go to my local Walgreen's & get it!

jjfiji said...


Your products look great - thanks for doing so many giveaways so that we can read reviews and also have a chance to win! Also, I came to your site via The Mommy-Files.