Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Day New Way For Skin Free Skincare Blog

There are so many wonderful ideas that I am discovering that can help my readers that I am no longer content to just chat about the wonderful reviews and giveaways that my BFF Mommy Bloggers are presenting. SO.....

From here on out, I will list a post of links where you can enter contests and visit bloggers who have tried and reviewed Skin Free Skincare products every few days. In between those posts, I will discuss viable alternative medicine, OTC healthcare savings, and any other beneficial info I think should be shared. Gotta use that Medical College Diploma sometime ;).

Today's blog links:

Something Snappy Great Review Dianne!

Feisty,Frugal And Fabulous Go, Tenille!

Mission Mommy Thank you, Miss K.

Jamerican Spice Mighty Fine Gal, Yeah!

Please check out our new BOGO with Walgreens

Need Walgreens Store locations?

Thanks for your support! Julie


Jessalicious said...

Your stuff looks fabulous! Must definately check it out :)

The Mommy Files sent me over here!

Mel4Him said...

Thanks so much for offering these wonderful giveaways to all these mommy bloggers. I just visited the Mommy-Files to enter. Thanks Again! : )

cdziuba said...

I came to your blog and visited because of the Mommy Files. Grear site!

js22 said...

Hi! Your products sound great! I am visiting here from The Mommy-Files.

Jessilyn82 said...

I also found you guys through The Mommy-Files, it's my favorite blog. She did an amazing review of Skin Free products and I can't wait to try your stuff!