Sunday, June 7, 2009

Testing Skin Free at 90 Degrees

You know when it's cold and windy and snowy outside, using moisturizers is a no brainer. Practically, any moisturizer feels good to dry, dehydrated skin. The trick is making a moisturizer that can stand up to 90 degrees Farehheit and not feel too heavy, greasy, or oily.

My new friend Storm over at Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife has approved both Skin Free Super Moisture Butter Cream and Skin Free Lite Moisture Cream for Daily Use.

She says they are perfect for hot and humid weather. I'm happy to hear that my formulations stood up to that test. The Skin Free Super Moisture Butter Cream is a lighter version of our Skin Free Super Moisture Balm. While the Balm is made without water, the Butter Creme is a more classic formulation and it does not contain soy, just in case you are allergic.

The Skin Free Lite Moisture Cream for Daily Use was formulated as a light face cream using my favorite oil, Macadamia Nut. The product soaks deep into your skin immediately, feels great and helps you look great too!

Storm is offering a giveaway, so go on over and visit soon.



i am off to enter! i am in texas. gresy, oily, texas sun and fair skin-sunburn pain! but if i win it, i will try it because i also have snake skin.


back again...i did post an entry. i sure hope i win so i can experiment with it.