Monday, June 1, 2009

Tammy's Birthday Giveaway $50 Skin Free Products

Hello Every one, June 1st is my fabulous assistant's birthday. The kool thing is not only is Tammy a Gemini, born under the sign of the twins, but she actually has a twin sister, Tabitha.

Besides taking off half a day to celebrate at our favorite Mexico restaurant, we're offering a $50 Skin Free Skincare Gift Certificate in honor of Tammy's birthday.

For those of you who want to wish Tammy a Happy Birthday, you can call 1-888-450-2459 or email her at She's my right hand and the power force that keeps our office going, so give her a call!

Thanks! Now about that giveaway. To be eligible, 1) you must follow our blog. 2)You must tweet about Tammy's Birthday Giveaway 3) You must comment on the blog about Skin Free.

Now get to it!! later, Jules


Latte With Me said...

Julie - would you send me an email? I wanted to chat with you about doing a review on my blog :-).

Thank you

JMom said...

I just found out about your product today! I like that they are 100% natural and 100% non-toxic.

I am now following you.

and tweeted the giveaway here:



Leslie M. said...

I'm a follower

Leslie M. said...

LeslieVeg left a tweet
Happy Birthday Tammy!!! I am a Gemini Too and I have a Twin sister also!! My Birthday is June 13th!

Leslie M. said...

My Daughter has Eczema, Hubby has Psoriasis and I just have aging skin. I would Love to try Skin Free. I have heard Many wonderful things about your products.
Thanks so much for the chance to win!


Jessie Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Tammy!


I Google follow this blog.

I just found out about Skin Free today! I am super excited about this opportunity and skin care line because I have super sensitive skin. I'm adding products to my wishlist! Haha.


Jessie Lynn

judybrittle said...

The products sound wonderful! I love that they are gentle enough for the face. Thank you!

I'm a follower

I tweeted

Happy Birthday Tammy!!!

Diana D said...

Happy Birthday Tammy. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

Spamgirl said...


I'm a follower on Blogger/Google Friend. :) Thank you!

Spamgirl said...


Tweeted! :)

Thank you!

Spamgirl said...


I like the products because I have contact dermatitis and I'd love to try them on it!

Thank you!

wendy said...

this is my tweet

and I follow your blog

and I like that the skin free skin care line is good for hot and humid weather.

madamerkf at aol dot com