Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Skin Free Niaouli Scrub for Blemished Skin Works Better Than Proactive, Tazorac, & Sulfur Face Wash

My Loan Officer from the bank called me the other day. She exclaimed gleefully, "Julie, I love you!"

This surprised me for several reasons:

1) I knew she was away on vacation with her husband.

2) We have a nice friendly relationship and share a lot of personal stuff, but this was definitely taking our relationship to a new level.

3) In the several years that I have known her, I have never heard her so excited and jubulent.

I paused for a minute and said, "Hey, what's going on?" She then explained that she and her husband were on their way to NY for a friend's wedding and he had agreed with her that her face was clearer than it had been in ages.

"It's working!", she continued, "That stuff is really working!" THAT STUFF is known to some of you as Skin Free Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin.

"You just don't understand." she continued. "I have spent a Fortune on prescription products like Tazorac and some sulfur face wash. I even bought the entire Proactive line and NOTHING has cleared up my face until now!"

Apparently, poor M. had been taught by her dermatologist to "dry out" her skin. We had a long talk one day and I explained to her that there is actually a cycle of oil production. Your skin wants to remain balanced. If you dry it out with cleansers or other agents, you will simply stimulate your skin to produce more oil. Over production of oil can lead to clogged pores susceptible to infection and there you get more acne.

The Niaouli Scrub is specially formulated to fight bacteria, exfoliate your pores, and maintain the oil balance of your skin.

Says M.,in a quieter moment, "The blemish solution has made a dramatic improvement in my skin. It's not as oily and my acne is disappearing. I have been suffering with this for years and have finally found something that helps. The only problem is that I want it in a jug, not a tiny jar!"

Do you think this is going to help my credit score?

Whatever! I know that there are lots of folks out there with acne issues. If you would like to try out our Skin Free Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, send me an email at julieh@ceva.net. Tell me what you have tried for your acne and include a current picture of your problem areas. I will refund your money minus shipping if you don't see improvement in 10 days. (I will ask that you send me another picture at the end of 10 days).

This stuff works and I want you to try it out. Happy Trails! Julie

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