Sunday, May 3, 2009

Super Healthy Kids Blog Author Amy Likes Skin Free Stuff

Amy blogs to talk about the challenge and rewards of feeding her kids healthy food. She has three kids, is a graduate of Health Education, and loves food. My kind of girl!!! Her blog is about putting into practice all she learned in college and her years working in the community health field to find healthy foods her kids will also enjoy.
She works part time for the Department of Health, counseling with state employees about improving their health. She also heads up the healthy lifestyle program at her kids elementary school. Most importantly, she's also president and developer of the Super Healthy Kids, Healthy Habits Plate.

I feel honored that Amy chose to review Skin Free Skin Care because she's been turning away products that aren't natural. Here's what she likes:

1) SkinFree has simple, recognizeable ingredients.

2) It did not sting or burn!!

3) SkinFree is cruelty free and vegan.

4) They are available at CVS and Walgreens, not just online.

5) They have a toxicity rating of 0! Did you hear that ZERO.

6) No colors, fragrances, petroleum products, or harmful chemicals.

Well Folks, she listed all the things I thought about while formulating these products. Please visit Amy's blog to read more of her great ideas.

She is also offering a Giveaway!!! and We have sweetened the pot a bit with a discount offer for those that don't win.

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