Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monsters in My House Mom Blogger Autum Reviews Skin Free

I love Moms who Blog!!! They are so great to be reviewing my products and Autum from Monsters in My House is no exception.

I love that Autum reviewed some different products AND she posted pix of her results. Whatta Woman!! Not every one would be brave enough to show themselves coated in French green clay, but Autum wears it well.

She also reviewed Skin Free Corrective Face Nectar and (yeah!!!) It Works! I am so happy about that. Actually, the Corrective Face Nectar has a pretty cool combination of oils in it that do work on wrinkles, redness, dryness, scarring and sun damage. The best oils here are Tamanu and Carrot Seed.

Tamanu, from the south Pacific, has a naturally occurring skin growth stimulating moeity that is helpful for fixing scars and healing tissue. Carrot Seed contains a naturally occurring retinol agent that helps repair sun damage and scarring.

Unfortunately, these two are a little stinky, so I've corrected that with a dash of organic geranium oil that also helps in soothing damaged skin.

Since the entire product is made from oils, you use less and it works better at plumping up dry skin and wrinkles. Some of my best friends swear by this stuff!

Please visit Autum and see what she has to say on the results.

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