Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Firmer Derma from Skin Free Skincare Products

Having just turned 56 in April, I spend more time these days noticing that my neck and jowls are becoming less appealing in the light of day.

I know that collagen breaks down naturally over time, but I don't have to LIKE it!!! Soooo... i decided that I should do something about it.

I love the way Skin Free Lite Moisture Cream for Daily Use makes my skin feel velvety smooth. I use it in the summer time to prevent dryness after sun exposure or swimming in the pool. I decided to use this product as the base for my new Skin Free Firming Matrix Cream.

The new secret ingredient I'm adding is a combination active natural moeity from a Spanish company called Provital. Provital has developed Homeostatine(R) from two botanicals, galactomannan derived from seeds of the Andes mountain tree Caesalpinia spinosa, and marine pentasaccharide (MPS) from the ocean algae Enteromorpha compressa.

Combining these two polysaccharides forms a 3-dimensional matrix. Galactomannons have natural moisturizing properties and allow the matrix to interact with the stratum corneum of the skin. The MPS molecules are tiny and can penetrate the epidermis to promote the synthesis of new collagen. The MPS also inhibit the synthesis of collagen degrading moeities and inflammatory moieties.

The end result is a natural increase in collagen, a decrease in collagen breakdown, and rejuvenated, firmer skin. Sounds like a plan for me!! FYI, this product is being tested by me and a group of other women. We are going to do before and after pictures and get back to you with the results. If we like what we see, there will be a major giveaway!

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